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Hotel Rosamar | Hotel en Benidorm | Web Oficial

Stamp "Visit Benidorm - Covid Protocol On"

Benidorm, Seguridad, Covid, Protección, Turismo
Hotel Rosamar is awarded with the Visit Benidorm Seal by having declared compliance with the prevention and safety measures against the contagion of the Covid-19, with the main objective of generating CONFIDENCE among the Benidorm tourism sector and maintaining basic principles that deal with social distancing or protective equipment that minimizes the risk of direct contagion between people and facilitate all devices and means that promote frequent and adequate hand washing.
In addition, at Hotel Rosamar we are committed to the elimination or reduction of shared objects or surfaces that can be vehicles for the transmission of the virus and we intensify the cleaning and disinfection of spaces that may be contaminated.
See you in Benidorm, see you at Hotel Rosamar!
Hotel Rosamar Avenida Derramador, 6
03503 Benidorm (Alicante)
Tel: (+34) 965.850.502

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