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If you are never sure what you need when you go on a getaway this is your article. Keep reading because after today you will be the biggest hacker of luggage.

1st Make a list. Before opening cabinets with madness sit down and write down what you need. So you can buy what you will need in advance.
2nd Store the clothes in sets and take only that you usually wear regularly, so you will avoid wearing extra clothes that you will certainly not use.
3rd Put the shoes in individual bags, so you will avoid staining your clothes.
4th Make everything fit much better and wrinkle less by rolling the clothes in the form of a tube.
5th He wears the most voluminous: the coat, the boots ... so that they do not occupy so much in the suitcase.
6th Store the socks inside the shoes. You save a space that is never used.
7º Always take a couple of empty bags. So you can keep the dirty clothes or the gifts you have bought.
8th Think that the world is full of pharmacies and shops and at hotel receptions they usually have many things that help you to “get out of the way”. Do not get overwhelmed with the "I carry this in case ..."
9th Take old clothes. How do you read it? So in the case of needing new acquisitions we can get rid of it and have the necessary space again.
10th Google as your ally. Find the weather it will do at your destination in the coming days. Maybe they are in a cold drop in Benidorm or passing a heat wave and you will have to carry the opposite of what you thought.

So you have no excuse. Pack your bag and see you in the city of skyscrapers in the Mediterranean!
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